Links to all my favourite places!


  • B3ta
    B3ta is all about celebrating the best stuff on the internet.
  • Deviant Art
    Online artistic community
  • EM411
    Electronic music makers co-op

Music Artists

Record/Net Labels

  • Acousmatic
    minimal like two white foxes in a tin of white paint
  • Audiobulb
    Audiobulb records embraces uncertainty, flexibility and creative risk taking. We paint with sound with the aim of evoking an emotional response.
  • Electronical
    London based net label
  • Hippocamp is a netlabel and community based in manchester, uk
  • Kikapu
    Kikapu is a Seattle based net label
  • Saasfee
    small German record label
  • MusicTrade
    Musictrade is a virtual community label focused on electronic music that releases interesting, imaginative and impressive electronic music for your enjoyment
  • Papergoose
    Papergoose Records is a netlabel focused on experimental and progressive music based in Austin, Texas